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SA Trails - Western-Style Horse Riding and Outrides

SA Trails offers wonderful 2 – 3 hour horse trails into the massive Northern Farm Nature Reserve, as well as lessons in the Western style of riding to people of all ages and level of experience; we have a variety of very happy and friendly Western Style trained horses. Horse riding is both fun and a very good form of exercise for both children and adults. It’s a good excuse to get out of the house and spend some time having fun in the sun.


Outride through the river


We boast access to the impressive Northern Farm, an unspoilt piece of heaven on earth, and a quarter mile drag strip, as well as a great view point for the popular 3 Star Olympic eventing course. There are unlimited outride routes to choose from, so much to discover and so much adventure to be found.


Nice close-up!


We offer livery to private clients on our premises. The horses homed at SA Trails enjoy a very natural, very relaxed lifestyle, with lots of space and grazing. Our aim is to create a place where the horses get to just be horses. On the event that you are unable to come a ride/school your horse, there are trainers available to ride your horse for you. So you never have to worry whether your horse is getting all attention that he/she needs.



Our staff has been carefully selected and trained to take the best possible care of the horses. Each horse becomes a part of our steadily growing family. Every morning and evening the horses are groomed and fed, as well as thoroughly checked over. The staff is well trained to treat any minor injury to ensure your vet bills are kept at a minimum. We also trim the horse's feet ourselves, which minimises farrier costs. We take the wellbeing of the horses on our premises very seriously.


We also have a variety of lovely horses offered for lease.


Outside together with the horses!